Undoubtedly, people prefer propane Smokers to Charcoal Smokers because of the advantages that propane Smokers serves and disadvantages that charcoal Smokers has.

Here is a list of reasons why Propane Smokers are way better than Charcoal Smokers.

1. Taste

Propane Smokers serves the purpose of smoking food so well that you get extremely delicious food to ear. On the other hand Charcoal Smokers changes the taste of food and gives a character flavor and odor to your food that ruins the originality of the food item. Propane Burns cleanly and efficiently so you’ll avoid soot deposits on your food.

2. Ease of Use

It is a way too easy to use a Propane Smoker as fuel is readily available. These Smokers require lesser attention and maintenance than Smokers of wood or charcoal variety.

3. Portability

With nothing to plug in, you can take it to tailgate parties or a friend’s barbecue. This type of smokers is ideal to take on vacations as they are portable. Propane having obvious advantage that it is easy to purchase and easy to carry, people prefer propane smokers.

4. Efficiency

Propane Smoker burns cleanly, reducing the carbon footprint on the environment and on your food. Propane is relatively cleaner fuel with less ash residue.

5. Cleaning Problem with Charcoal Smokers

There is more work in cleaning up a charcoal smoker. When the fire cools down, it needs to be cleaned out but what makes it difficult is that charcoal Ash is acidic and if mixed with water it will act to corrode your equipment.

6. Difficulty in Controlling the Temperature  in Charcoal Smokers

Heat in these smokers is controlled by oxygen flow. Any change in the available draft will change the temperature and makes it difficult to control the temperature. Since charcoal grills do not have temperature dials to raise or lower temperature so, regular tending is essential to make sure temperature don’t drop or shoot up.


7. Igniting Charcoal Is Difficult

People struggle to light the charcoal which is also not an easy process until or unless you have chimney starter. On the other hand, Propane is easy to burn and doesn’t deposit any material on food.



8. The Risk of a Fire

There is a slightly higher risk of fire when working with charcoal and because of this reason, many apartment buildings and local fire codes ban them from high rises. Coals and sparks can escape the grill by falling through vents or from chimney starters, and you may need water or a fire extinguisher to put them out. Charcoal is dirty to handle; it can be hard to light; it takes a few minutes longer to get up to temp; there can be flare-ups that can not only burn the food but also may cause a health risk; it is hard to tell what temperature you are cooking at; the temperature cannot be turned down rapidly.

Hence, people or chefs prefer propane smokers to Charcoal ones inspire of the fact that charcoal gives more smoke but Propane Smokers give a cleaner smoke without the risk of fire or bad health.