Smoking and grilling meat is as popular today as it was a decade ago, the techniques are just more refined. An electric smoker is a versatile, modern appliance that is a must for those who love smoked meats and other such delicacies. An electric smoker is much easier to use than a traditional classic smoker, mainly because you do not need to gather wood or charcoal. However, choosing the best electric smoker can be quite a daunting and confusing task. There are so many factors to consider like temperature and pressure control, type of fuel used, size, etc. So how can you find the best electric smoker to suit all your needs? Read on for information on choosing the perfect electric smoker.


The first factor to consider while choosing an electric smoker is your experience. Are you a beginner to smoking meat? If so, you would do well to stick with smaller, user-friendly models. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can always trade in your smoker for a more advanced model. Many beginners make the mistake of buying a large electric smoker without considering their needs. If you plan on cooking just for your family and friends, a small to medium sized smoker would be adequate. Even a small smoker can easily turn out enough meat for a gathering of about twenty people. It would save you space as well as money. However, if you plan on using your smoker for large parties or competitions, a bigger model would be required. So, keep in mind your experience level and needs before buying an electric smoker.


The most important factor when it comes to smoking meat is the temperature and the timing. If you have these two factors down, your meat is sure to be tasty and succulent. Most electric smokers use thermostats to maintain the temperature. However, electric smokers with rheostats are becoming popular too. It is recommended to go for the ones with the thermostats as they are more flexible and can be used to smoke a variety of meats.

As all experts in smoked meats know, heat flow is another factor to be considered while buying an electric smoker. Advanced electric smokers have the heat flowing sideways and downwards and while this is probably the best way to smoke meat, it isn’t necessary for beginners to shell out a fortune on such an expensive smoker. A beginner can go for a simple electric smoker with upward heat flow. This would cook the meat to perfection and give it the desired rich, smoky flavor.

The design of the electric smoker also plays a big role in the kind of meat it turns out. It is recommended by experts to choose electric smokers with thick and straight grids, preferably with a hollow inside. Smokers with box-like chambers are not good for smoking meats as they don’t allow it to be cooked well on the inside.


Electric smokers are the most convenient appliances when it comes to grilling and barbecue. You do not need to constantly monitor the temperature and timing. You can load up your meat and go on with your work, confident that your meat will be perfectly cooked and ready by the time you’re back. Easy, isn’t it?